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Our team will help customers choose a suitable KOL marketing social media influencer to collaborate with according to the character of the brand and product. The custom-designed enterprise solution include:

Our company’s KOL marketing case examples

本公司的KOL 網紅案例參考

What is the full name of KOL?
What is their difference with social media influencers?

Many people think that KOLs refer to those with many followers on social media. Yet, this is not the only determinant of what a KOL is.

The full name of KOL is Key Opinion Leader– because they are the expert in a specific field or have a specific personal talent, they have a particularly large influence on specific social groups.

The majority of KOL promotions in Hong Kong utilise social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook to propose content related to their personal style. For example, we often hear terms like beauty KOL promotion, mommy KOL promotion, parenting KOL promotion, food and drinks KOL promotion, travel KOL promotion.
On the other hand, KOL marketing usually will have an impact on others’ purchasing behaviours and tactics, meaning that as you need to make a decision, there will be a chance of taking reference to the KOL marketing opinion. Therefore in recent years, quite a few brands will tend to undertake KOL promotion.

What is the difference between KOL marketing and Social Media Influencers?

The main difference is that social media platforms form the roots of social media influencers- their roles have been started by the platforms.

What are influencer marketers?

Influencer marketers are groups which cooperate with expert content creators (those who have a few thousand through to a few million followers), promoting their products and services to the content creators’ fans. The ones who have a few thousand followers often are termed as micro-influencers.

What makes micro-influencers more effective than macro-influencers?

The reasons being:

Our company’s KOL marketing case examples

KOL Marketing FAQ

KOL marketing sales is a form of online KOL promotion. Enterprise brands can work with different KOL on social media platforms, KOL will then promote their own brand’s products and services.
KOLs normally have their own specialist fields, they have a large number of followers and fans, KOLs will share about their daily lives through the internet, and they will conduct KOL promotion of your brand – this will enable easy promotion of your products. KOL advertisements will be broadcasted to a big target audience group, to demonstrate the power of KOL marketing on online social media platforms.

Some of the consideration factors for choosing a suitable brand for social media KOL promotion are as below:
  1. Target customer group: understand which social media platform your target customer groups are most active on for your KOL promotion. Every social media platform’s users and characteristics are different.
    KOL advertisements examples: Facebook’s users tend to be more mature and have higher purchasing power; Instagram users tend to be younger,
    LinkedIn uses manpower resources and serves for business purposes. You have to understand which platform will be most suitable for your KOL promotion befitting your target customer groups.
  2. Which area you would like to undertake your KOL promotion: whether you want it to be done in Hong Kong or in other areas of China? If you want it to be done in Hong Kong, the KOL marketing should be undertaken on Facebook and Instagram. If in China, you can choose XiaoHongShu, WeChat or Tik Tok Moreover, you have to understand the characteristics of different social media platforms, KOL promotion content and interactions – such as image sharing, audio-visual sharing, word posts, KOL advertisement broadcast etc. You have to choose KOLs or social media platforms that match with your brand’s style, delivering messages about your brand through KOL marketing, for example, for trending fashion brands, KOL promotion through Instagram has better performance.
  3. Analysing your competitors: Research your KOL promotion competitors to see which social media platforms are the KOL promotions undertaken more successfully. Observe their KOL promotion activities on different social media platforms. Because these can act as references for your brand’s KOLs.
  4. Evaluate your manpower, time and planning – KOL marketing on social media platforms require a lot of professional online promotional knowledge and time invested. You need to evaluate your staffs’ scope of knowledge- successful brands usually have to allow professional online marketing companies to ensure the brands demonstrate efficacy and are active on KOL marketing platforms. As a professional online KOL marketing specialist, East Tech has the experience of collaborating with 6000+ famous brands – welcome to contact us anytime for KOL advertisements.

When conducting KOL sales, brands and enterprises have to choose a suitable KOL to work with carefully, to ensure that there is compatibility between the values of the KOL, the target audience and the brand.
A suitable KOL has to have professional knowledge or interest towards your brand’s industry. Their followers should be compatible with your target audience, and to have high trust towards your KOL’s opinion and advice.
You have to be sure of your target audience group; according to your target audiences’ age, sex, geographical area and interests etc, you can seek to find KOLs to create attractive and influential advertisements.
The creativity and content quality of KOL marketing is also important: the KOL advertisement’s content style, video quality, expression of words etc to ensure that the KOL marketing is valuable to delivering information about your brand.
As a professional online KOL marketing specialist, East Tech has promotion experience with multiple well-known brands- we can ensure the KOL marketing quality, and provide the KOL services as stated above – feel free to contact us for enquiries anytime.

Here is the KOL promotion flow:

  1. First of all, our company will discuss with the customers regarding the details of the cooperation, including understanding customers’ promotional aims and KOL pricing.
  2. Understand your brand’s image, choose a suitable KOL, conduct research on different social media platform’s KOL promotion, paying attention to fan groups which observe the KOL and the statistics of target audience.
  3. Content creation: once a collaboration consensus is reached, our company will start to create relevant KOL advertising content, including shooting KOL promotion videos, content writing, product evaluation, KOL recommended articles, in order to ensure the content and brand imaging are compatible.
  4. Official launch and promotion: Publish content to KOL social media platform, through KOL sharing and creating hashtag for your brand to conduct KOL marketing. This can increase the visibility of the brand and attract more target customers. Our company will help to monitor carefully the effectiveness after content publishing and evaluate the KOL marketing effectiveness through monitoring KOL participation rates, clicking rates, conversion rates and the feedback and evaluation taken from social media platforms, and to provide recommendations for improvement.

KOL sales advertisements are very important in the modern era, the reasons being:

  1. KOL advertisement effects: KOLs have a big group of fans and loyal followers. They are very trustworthy towards the opinion and recommendations of the KOLs; brand can cooperate with KOLs and utilise their influence and reputation. KOLs can directly introduce products to the target customers through marketing strategies, increasing the effectiveness of the advertisements.
  2. Social media coverage: KOLs are active on different social media platforms, for example Instagram, XiaoHongShu, WeChat etc. These platforms have a large number of users. Through cooperating with KOLs, brands can quickly expand their areas of coverage, and approach a larger group of potential customers.
  3. KOL creative methods: KOLs usually like to use story methods to create their content and to interact with fans, enabling advertising to be more unique and more interesting and interactive, this will attract the attention and memory of target customers more easily.
  4. Different KOLs have different influences in different areas. KOLs who advertise for cosmetic brands can choose to work with beauty KOLs, to ensure accurate reaching of their target audience. This can help to increase the effectiveness of the advertisement and the sales conversion rates.
  5. KOL social media proof of usage: KOLs’ recommendations and experience of promoting products and services are a proof of the brand’s publicity on social media. Target customers will easily believe in the KOLs’ opinion, and KOL advertising will increase their attention towards the brands, attracting them to purchase or to try out the products.

KOL marketing companies have professional knowledge and experience towards KOL marketing trends and game rules, operational characteristics of different social media platforms, they can provide targeted KOL sales strategies. Our company can help each brand to choose suitable KOLs to cooperate with, customise advertising strategies and to provide strategy and security throughout the KOL promotion process.
Our company has a large amount of KOL resource, rich promotional experience with famous brands, we can help brands find their suitable KOLs to conduct KOL marketing promotions.
Our company has a professional KOL team and KOL marketing flow, to manage a highly efficient KOL promotion and to execute KOL promotion activities. We can help to undertake research, KOL advertisements and to choose KOLs, contact them to discuss cooperation and strategy, conduct advertisement content creation and advertisement publishment etc. In this way, brands can concentrate in the core business of their products, save time and effort for KOL advertisements, and can ensure the KOL promotion activities are efficient.
Our company has professional knowledge on KOL advertisements, and can monitor the efficacy of KOL promotion activities as well as providing relevant statistical analysis and evaluation reports. This can help brands to understand the effectiveness of the KOL promotions, understand the audience’s feedback and KOL promotion participation rates. Improvements and quality enhancements can then be made to KOL advertisements and in future KOL promotion activities, helping the brand to create a sustainable and loyal image.