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Case examples of Xiaohongshu KOL social media influencers visiting local stores in Hong Kong

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Xiaohongshu account application and set up

• Helping to apply for Xiaohongshu professional account
• Already includes first year fee of Xiaohongshu professional account’s annual fee

Xiaohongshu advertisement display strategy

• Opening a Xiaohongshu online store, directly purchase from Xiaohongshu
• Basic maintenance and running of Xiaohongshu account

Xiaohongshu monthly online marketing: content creation and publishing service

• 4 original Xiaohongshu publication article pieces
• Mainland Xiaohongshu digital marketing team writing content of the articles

Chinese Xiaohongshu KOL digital marketing plan

• Xiaohongshu KOL writing original content of article and image
• Xiaohongshu KOL will take pictures of products themselves
• Xiaohongshu KOL original content creation sharing

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Xiaohongshu brand-advertising digital marketing strategies

Create your brand in China

Our online marketing company will help you create an account on Xiaohongshu and apply for Xiaohongshu enterprise business license, enabling your brand to have a unique Xiaohongshu account, so that you can kickstart your Xiaohongshu digital marketing straight away

Xiaohongshu KOLs to promote your products and local stores

Cooperate with suitable Xiaohongshu KOLs, to share and promote your products and stores via digital marketing strategies

Xiaohonshu online marketing “planting” technique

Enable your brand to be “planted” on Xiaohongshu via digital marketing strategies, enabling internet users to see your product labels, maintenance evaluation and content of sales.

Xiaohongshu trendy notes (Xiaohongshu online marketing)

Xiaohongshu KOLs will write trendy notes to package your brand, and attract mainland internet users. Their articles will enable Xiaohongshu readers to understand your products and services.

Advantages of Xiaohongshu digital marketing: from browsing to searching, the depth of digital marketing skills will affect its strategic options.

Xiaohongshu has become their "Life Dictionary" and "Consumer Guide".

Data source: Nielsen research data June 2021

Xiaohongshu Online Marketing FAQ

Xiaohongshu is an extremely popular Chinese social media platform. Apart from having social media functions, Xiaohongshu is also a very successful platform for digital marketing services.

Xiaohongshu was created in Shanghai in 2013, it is a social media online purchasing platform that is based using machine learning.
Xiaohongshu has a majority of young users, and the number of account users are over 200 million- the majority being born after 1990s, including a lot of Xiaohongshu KOL social media influencers.

The content published by Xiaohongshu all come from their users, Xiaohongshu users will advertise about their products through the use of words, images, audio visuals etc, sharing insights about personal usage of the products, and to advertise via digital marketing strategies, enabling the recommended products to gain trust from their fans. Xiaohongshu users can follow other users, give likes, give reviews and share others’ content, and can also purchase the recommended products via Xiaohongshu directly.

Xiaohongshu is a very popular social media platform- there are 200 million users on Xiaohongshu. Its main content includes the sharing of daily lives. Xiaohongshu’s users are mainly ones with high spending expenditure potential; Xiaohongshu KOLs mostly like to share their reviews, travel tips, beauty and fashion tips and conduct online marketing through the platform. Of course you can also expand the effects by using Xiaohongshu to display advertisement solutions.

1. Xiaohongshu has a great user database of 200 million users, especially that of young spenders. Xiaohongshu can enable your brand to reach out to target customers in China, increase the sales purchases of self-guided tourists, therefore the use of online marketing on Xiaohongshu can help to increase the visibility

2. The Xiaohongshu KOLs are mainly those who are interested in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Via the use of Xiaohongshu online marketing, brands can advertise and directly approach potential customers via Xiaohongshu.

3. Users have a high trust towards the content on the Xiaohongshu platform. They will take reference to the reviews on the Xiaohongshu online marketing platform and the recommendations on it, making the brand’s advertisements more trustworthy and reliable.

4. Xiaohongshu KOL have a big fan group, their recommendations will become the ideal choices for the brand’s online marketing promotions.

Xiaohongshu KOLs have a big influence on Chinese social media platforms – a lot of brands will choose to conduct online marketing and promotion via Xiaohongshu. The KOLs can attract target audiences and increase the credibility of the brand. Some of the brand industry types that are suitable for Xiaohongshu online marketing include: sales and retail, cosmetics, food and beverage, education, beauty salon, health foods, electronic products, health, medical, travel, property, finances.

Users of Xiaohongshu are mainly young shoppers. They are used to searching for product information, life inspirations and looking at KOLs’ fashion advice using the online marketing platform.

The Xiaohongshu platform has some famous KOLs, these social media influencers use their professional knowledge to attract a large group of fans and conduct digital marketing promotions. Of course you can also increase the effects by using Xiaohongshu advertisements to display your online marketing strategies.

A lot of brands place great importance on the use of Xiaohongshu for online marketing promotion; this is because the Xiaohongshu platform has many high quality KOL resources, ranging from Xiaohongshu articles to audio-visual promotions. The platform has 200 Xiaohongshu vocational promotional strategies, achieving a high quality online marketing sales purchase effect.

East Tech has 15 years worth of rich KOL digital marketing experience.
We have been awarded with the “2023 Online Marketing KOL Prize” issued by Metro Broadcast and the “2023 Online Marketing KOL Prize” issued by Metro Broadcast.
We have the experience of cooperating with 6000+ famous brands.

East Tech’s Xiaohongshu Digital Marketing Team can help you customise your Xiaohongshu digital marketing strategy, ensuring that you have a high quality advertising promotion effect.
East Tech executes the planning of the sharing of existing Xiaohongshu documents. It is a highly strategic planting method that would enable the KOLs to流量引流轉化實現為銷售,變成品牌產品的爆款銷量. Of course, you can also expand the effects by using Xiaohongshu to display online marketing advertisement solutions.

Our company can provide an all-in-one Xiaohongshu digital marketing service, as below:
Applying for and opening a Xiaohongshu account
Opening a Xiaohongshu online shop account
Monthly content creation and publishing service on Xiaohongshu
Xiaohongshu KOL digital marketing promotion service
Xiaohongshu online marketing planning and execution
Xiaohongshu advertisement solution display

Apart from the Xiaohongshu platform, we can also help with Weixin Public Domain application, writing applications, online marketing on Weixin, digital marketing on Tiktok. Of course, you can also expand the effects by using Xiaohongshu to display online marketing advertisement solutions.

The majority of users like to use their mobile phones to view the Xiaohongshu, they can download it on the App Store.

“Xiaohongshu planting” is a colloquial term that is widely used in the mainland. The meaning is to boost others’ purchasing demands through sharing products or recommending services on Xiaohongshu. For example, saying that one has been “Xiaohongshu planted” means that one has read about the Xiaohongshu KOL’s recommended products.

“Xiaohongshu planting” is an influencial online shopping method. This means that users, through Xiaohongshu KOLs’ accounts, share information about clothing, eating, living and travelling. Xiaohongshu digital marketing content range from the sectors of fashion, gourmets, personal care, cosmetics, mother-baby, gymming, technology, travelling, digital technologies. Xiaohongshu KOLs will exchange opinions through the network with internet pals–being the “Xiaohongshu planters” whilst being planted themselves. All in all, online marketing through Xiaohongshu means that the Xiaohongshu KOLs stir up each others’ shopping desires through digital marketing techniques. Of course, you can also expand the effects by using Xiaohongshu to display online marketing advertisement solutions.

Of course this is doable. East Tech specialises in customising online marketing promotions for unique brands. East Tech can help you to improve your credibility on Xiaohongshu through displaying advertisement display strategies. We can help you to easily attract the target audience’s attention on the Chinese market, improve the brand’s credibility and sales quantity through Xiaohongshu.
Xiaohongshu advertisements are based on the following two types: message adverts and search adverts. Xiaohongshu message adverts will appear on the Xiaohongshu’s discovery page – that is the page after logging in, directly approaching the Xiaohongshu users. Xiaohongshu search adverts will appear on the page after the users keyword search function, attracting the potential customers who are interested in the relevant services and products.

Before starting the digital marketing promotion, it is important to understand the Xiaohongshu users’ interests and needs. It is essential to consider and plan the digital marketing strategy in advance. Xiaohongshu users like interesting content, so ensure that your content is creative. Creating a unique brand image can help to create loyalty. Ensure that the digital marketing promotional events and your brand’s image are in line, with designs of titles that are easily attractable and include high definition visual images to attract Xiaohongshu users to read your content. Interacting with Xiaohongshu users proactively by replying to the fans’ messages and reviews will build a good relationship and improve the loyalty of your brand; it can also encourage your fans to share your post contents.
It is best to find an experienced Xiaohongshu online marketing company to help you with planning your advertisement promotional strategies. East Tech has 15 years’ worth of online marketing experience, we are your best choice on the Xiaohongshu promotions. Please contact us on 23313344/ Whatsapp 94401313 for enquiries anuytime.

The following points are what you should pay attention to whilst conducting digital marketing via Xiaohongshu:

1. Ensuring that your Xiaohongshu digital marketing promotional activities are in line with the Xiaohongshu policies. Read precisely and adhere to the policies and regulations on Xiaohongshu to avoid using terminology and post content that are banned. Avoid fake advertisements or other actions that violate from the platform regulations.
2. Ensuring that your digital marketing promotional content are true and trustworthy. Exaggerating the products’ effectiveness violates the rules of the platform. Provide accurate and objective evaluations and avoid misleading users by providing fake information.

3. Post interesting digital marketing promotional content to increase the number of clicks by users.

4. Proactively interact with Xiaohongshu users, reply to the fans’ reviews and messages frequently to build an interactive relationship with your fans. Improve your brand’s loyalty and encourage fans to share your post contents.

5. There are a lot of rules and regulations on Xiaohongshu that need attention, there is a risk of the account being deactivated if the policies have not been read thoroughly.

6. Understand the Xiaohongshu users’ interests and build advertising content that the users would like to see.
7. The rules on Xiaohongshu will change with time. Therefore you should always update yourself with the most recent policies and regulations on Xiaohongshu.