NGO Web Design

We are committed to making websites for non-profit organizations. We have rich experience in NGO web design.
According to your needs and functions, we can provide tailor-made web design services.

Traditional Association Style

Professional corporate style

Colorful and energetic style

cartoon cute style

Web page design features


Customises your design, so it won’t clash with other schools


Unlimited layout design editing, can edit until satisfied


Includes 2 school character designs (a male and a female student)


Specific WhatsApp group, clients can contact us about website issues at any time


Service to help clients replace outdated information


Website download service, helps website to be launched onto the server of the school or our company

Pieces from NGO customers

Industry: Kindergarten
Client: Zenith International Education Foundation

Industry: Edu Psychology Centre
Client: TWGHs Ho Yuk Ching Edu Psychology Centre

Industry: University
Client: CUHK Faculty of Medicine

Industry: Primary School
Client: Marymount Primary School

Industry: Medical Education
Client: Department of Medicine, HKU

Industry: Education
Client: Popular bookstore

Industry: School
Client: Italian International Nursery & Kindergarten

Industry: School
Client: St. Rose of Lima’s College

Industry: Service
Client: The University of Hong Kong, Psychology

Industry: Service
Client: St. Paul’s Primary Catholic School

Great functions of our NGO website designs include:

School conceptual topics website design
Supports desktop computers laptops, mobile phones well
Drawings of cartoon students
Front page animated banner image
Can automatically update all the contents of the inner pages
Increase inner pages for as much as you want
School calendar
Newest announcements
School notices
Awards list
Homework log book
School photo album

Our NGO Web Design Clients

Web Design FAQ for NGO / Association

East Technologies has been established for 15 years in Hong Kong, providing professional webpage design and online promotional services. There has been many successful business cases, including: Famous brands, listed companies, enterprises and small-middle scale enterprises. WE became an accredited partner company of the HK Science Park from 2009 to 2021, in addition to being the official informational technology service supplier of the Hong Kong Productivity Council’s “Distance Business Programme”, and is a reliable and credible choice of webpage design company by customers.

Our management team leader is holds a Masters degree in E-Commerce from the University of Hong Kong, leading the webpage design team for more than 10 years.

More importantly, we have already helped over 300 schools, 14 universities and higher education institutes to re-create their existing school websites; we are very well experienced and have a good reputation. You can click here to look at the school webpage designs and their teachers’ thoughts and acknowledgements.

We provide customized webpage designs, and can design the webpages according to customers’ interests and styles. We have respective webpage designers and programme writers to be responsible to your webpage design service for every project, ensuring that your webpage design would not be of sub-par. Clients can contact us via Whatsapp, email or via phone to contact our webpage designers.

In general, when we produce school websites, it would require around 1 to 2 months, we will first communicate with the teachers how to design the first draft of the school webpage, once this has been confirmed, we will then use specialized programmes to create and input the details, then we will provide the school webpage trial link for the teachers to try out, once that is done, we will then arrange to publish the school webpage design.

As a professional and reliable school website design company, we provide an “unlimited number of times for editing” ensuring service. We provide the first draft of the school website design, for the headmistress and teachers to give comments of the design, and we will edit it until the headmistress is satisfied, therefore you can be rest assured that the design that is published out eventually will be satisfying.

The more times the school webpage requires editing, the more time it will take. The headmistress and teachers would have to pay attention to the number of hours online; it is best to let us know all of your editing needs at one go to shorten up and optimize the time needed for creating the school webpage.

Actually the process for creating a new school website is fairly simple. The information that needs to be prepared by the teachers only includes the school’s logo and also around 20 photos of the campus life or the external look of the school. If there are any special thoughts, you can also provide us with your ideal school website’s style and colour- our school website design staff members would give you their professional opinion, to help you sutomise your school website design. Our website designers will give you the first draft of the school website, the headmistress and teachers will be able to see it and give comments for us to modify, until the headmistress is satisfied. The whole process would be guided by our professional website designers, then we will proceed to the next step of the school webpage creation process, to give you the trial link, and to visualize the outcome of the finished product. The teachers can start to use it – and if there are no issues with it, then you can publish your school website!

The process of renewing an existing school webpage is very simple. During the creation process, because the old school webpage is still being used, nothing will be changed until the new school webpage is ready to be used, and the IP address changed. During this time, our webpage programmers will be assisting the school, therefore the teachers should not worry about using the new school website with absolute ease.

Once the school starts to use the new website, we will provide the school webpage’s maintenance service, this means that whenever issues that the school webpage occurs, you can contact, email or Whatsapp us, we can immediate help you get it sorted. If you encounter any need for Cloud Server networking upgrades, we would help you conduct the relevant upgrades, as we have a 24-hour statistics monitoring centre, to ensure that the school webpage would run smoothly 99.99% of times during the 24 hours of the day.